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How to connect to V-SDC using .NET 4.0
Last Updated 2 years ago

There should not be any significant differences between .NET 4.0 and .NET 4.5 or .NET 4.6 code. In both cases you have to accomplish the same steps:
  1. Install ICA and RCA certificates for staging ( and production ( environment on dev and POS machine.
  2. Generate client library (service proxies and POCOs) based on the specification published on V-SDC (
  3. Configure Web request to use client certificate for authentication
  4. Invoke SignInvoice REST service and process result
Use Swagger to generate client library for V-SDCClient Certificates distributed by FRCS in pkcs12 (pfx) or smart card format are used for client authentication on V-SDC server. You may find some of there examples useful

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