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How to connect to V-SDC using .NET 4.0
Last Updated 11 months ago

There should not be any significant differences between .NET 4.0 and .NET 4.5 or .NET 4.6 code. In both cases you have to accomplish the same steps:
  1. Install ICA and RCA certificates for staging ( and production ( environment on dev and POS machine.
  2. Generate client library (service proxies and POCOs) based on the specification published on V-SDC (
  3. Configure Web request to use client certificate for authentication
  4. Invoke SignInvoice REST service and process result
Use Swagger to generate client library for V-SDCClient Certificates distributed by FRCS in pkcs12 (pfx) or smart card format are used for client authentication on V-SDC server. You may find some of there examples useful

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