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I did not receive a PIN for my initial setup, could you please provide me with one?
Last Updated about a month ago

When you submitted the request for an additional certificate on a smart card you were offered to create your own PIN. If you did not choose that option, a random PIN was generated.

Please check the user documentation for reference as to what you saw when you requested the smart card:



Submitting the Request For an Admin Secure Element
Submitting the Request For an Admin Secure Element

The Tax Authority cannot access your personal login details, hence it cannot provide you with your PIN.

There was an option to receive an email containing a PIN code that you created as a reminder but that feature was supposed to be selected by the authorized person who was requesting that smart card.

Please, check your Inbox, including your junk email, in case that you did select an email option (to receive a reminder email with a PIN). If that option wasn't selected and if you do not recall a PIN you created, you will have to request a new smart card certificate.

To obtain a new card, you must submit a request via Taxpayer Administration Portal (TAP), following the instructions provided above. Please note that a small fee can be requested in some jurisdictions for the re-issuance of a new smart card.

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