1 - General / Accreditation

These are the FAQs about the accreditation of EFD products.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I change invoice appearance after my accreditation is completed?  
  2. Can I fail the accreditation?  
  3. Can I input commercial content on a fiscal receipt?  
  4. Can I modify some of the information presented in an invoice header?  
  5. Do I need to pay to either register or accredit my product?  
  6. Do you have a summary of the Accreditation Authorities' requirements for POS components in each country?  
  7. Does the AIS need accreditation with a specific SDC vendor's type of SDC, or are they interchangeable (meaning, AIS can work with any Accredited SDC)? Do SDCs use a uniform protocol for communicating with the AIS?  
  8. How can I accredit a new version of my product?  
  9. How much does the Technical/Administrative Accreditation cost and how long does it take?  
  10. We would like to find more information regarding Business Operational Laws/Requirements (End-of-Day Report handling, periodic report printing, handling POS outages, etc. Are they available somewhere?  
  11. What are the technical reviewers looking for in my User Documentation?  
  12. What gets Accredited? Does Accreditation cover a specific setup or allow interchangeability of peripherals with the POS Application?  
  13. What is a Manufacturer Registration Code (MRC)?  
  14. What is a Verification URL?  
  15. What is an EFD?  
  16. What is reviewed during the Administrative Review?  
  17. What is tested during Accreditation: just the POS Software or also peripherals like Smart Card Readers, POS Terminals or printers?  
  18. What is the difference between Transferrable and Non-transferrable accreditation?  
  19. What is the GUID?  
  20. What is the information that is required on the fiscal receipt?  
  21. What is the preferred architecture to integrate different payment gateways?  
  22. What is the purpose of the Developer Portal?  
  23. What user documentation should I provide with my E-SDC?  
  24. What user documentation should I provide with my POS?  
  25. Where can I find a list of accredited Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFD)?  
  26. Where can I find relevant user documentation regarding registration for the Development (Sandbox) environment?  
  27. Where can I see the list of accreditation authorities, by jurisdiction? Is there a list of accredited solutions, by country?  
  28. Which are the mandatory payment methods on my invoices?  
  29. Which information is shown in the invoice header and where does it come from?  
  30. Why is my SDC time on an invoice different than the one provided by Dev-ESDC?  

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